Name of Satellite:  ASIASAT 7(AS7) – Satellite Location – 105.5 degrees Ku波段/小耳)


下行频率(Downlink Frequency) 4146 Mhz兆赫
符号率 (Symbol Rate):5317 千符/秒
前向纠错 (Forward Error Correction) : 1/2
极化方式 (Polarization) 水平极化 (Horizontal) H
PID分组识别号码:1050(视频) / 1051(音频)

Service is audio Radio format 24/7 with 30 minutes in Tibetan followed by 30 minutes in Mandarin in continuous loop with programs updated every evening at 8:30 pm Beijing / Tibet time.

When tuning to ASIASAT 7(AS7) at 105.5 degrees East receiving the signal on 下行频率(Downlink Frequency) 4146 MHz 兆赫 you will find the Voice of Tibet 24/7 service on 水平极化 (Horizontal) H in the channel menu for TV stations. Channel is named WRN (Channel 5 – beside VOA and RFA services) but will soon change to VOT. Small dishes can receive this signal, but be aware that for some dishes you have to turn lnb on receiving dish to Horizontal (H) to receive. This because some dishes are pre-set to receive (only) Vertical (V) signals..  

The VOT signal is on Ku-Band(Ku波段/小耳) and small dishes like 50 – 60 cm in diameter will be able to receive the signal. There must be clear sight from the dish to ASIASAT 7(AS7) located at 105.5 degrees East (位置:东经138度。) / with no mountains or buildings blocking clear sight for tune/in to ASIASAT 7(AS7) at 105.5 degrees East.