Name of Satellite: ASIASAT 7(AS7) – Satellite Location – 105.5 degree(C-Band)


下行频率(Downlink Frequency)  4146 兆赫
符号率 (Symbol Rate):5317 千符/秒
前向纠错 (Forward Error Correction/FEC) : 5/6
极化方式 (Polarization) 水平极化 (Horizontal) H

* Location: 105.5 degrees East, Beam: C-Band

* Service is Listed name in the channel RADIO menu (not the TV menu) as MOMO

Channel name in radio menu: MOMO

* Can be received on big size dish receivers from 1.5 meter in diameter.

Dish lnb to be directed for 水平极化 (Horizontal) H

* Service is listed as “MOMO” in Radio Channel Menu – service is audio 24/7

The VOT service on 4146 MHz is close by VOA (Tibetan) “Kunleng TV” service on 4040 MHz

* The service is 24/7 in Tibetan language

Service is audio Radio format 24/7 with 30 minutes programs in Tibetan language in continuous loop with programs updated every evening at around 8:30 pm Beijing / Tibet time.

When tuning to ASIASAT 7(AS7) at 105.5 degrees East receiving the signal on 下行频率(Downlink Frequency) 4146 MHz 兆赫 you will find VOT 24/7 service on 水平极化 (Horizontal) H in the channel menu for RADIO stations.

Channel is named “MOMO” – and is near by frequency for VOA (Tibetan) “Kunleng” on SAME Satellite in TV (menu).

Dish size of 1.5 meter in diameter or bigger is needed to receive the (C-band) signal.