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From our listeners

A group of listeners from Dromo, Western Tibet:
“Your radio programs are our only mental relief. We request you to kindly extend the time and try to broadcast as much of HH the Dalai Lama’s speeches as possible[…]”

A group of listeners in Amdo:
“[…]Heartily congratulate you for the free VOT radio station for the ultimate benefit of the Tibetans in Tibet[…]”

From Amdo Ngawa:
“Unlike other radio stations, Voice of Tibet concentrates more on aspects of the Tibetan issue rather than international news[…]

A listener from China wrote:
I live in Shanghai, east of P.R.China. Your web site is blocked here in Main Land, but I can use proxy tools to visit your web. And I have listened to your Mandarin Service for more than 1 year.

A listener from the US wrote:
Just finished listening to your broadcast. In all these years, the interview with the Shambala Miss Tibet contestants has been the funniest thing I’ve ever heard on your station. The questions posed by your broadcaster Kunsang Penjor la sounded rather off, even direct and maybe quite un-appropriate. The questions as well as the answers seemed childish, funny, patronizing and maybe many of your male listeners have felt the same way I did. My wife and my sister-in-law were all laughing throughout the interview. I would suggest it would have been much better and appropriate if you had a female reporter instead of Penjor la. Though I must confess he is a good and a professional reporter. I still love your program, but a little bit of sensitivity and rethinking would do everyone good, maybe the girls who are there will feel at much ease to talk to a female than a male. Regards and Happy Reporting Gyaltsen Tsering, Yonten Chodon and Tseten Chodon.

A listener from India wrote:
Thank you so much for broadcasting very needy tibetan news regularly. Your programmes are completely over and above other tibetan radio broadcaster. Your programmes are unique and brief which is very good. I truely appreciate you and your pool of staff who are making it possible. However, you know your programmes are being disturbed by chinese radio mostly. So we, the listenners are often missed your programme. Sometime, when I miss to listen your programmes on radio, I used to look it out on your website. not only me hundreds of young tibetans are looking for news on internet oftenly. Your website has listening facilities but here in great India, we hardly find technical facilities to listen on net. what I want to say is that you are putting your daily headlines on net so at the sametime, I request you to kindly write short and brief details below each and every headlines. I hope you will kindly consider my suggestions as meaningful and helpful. Thanking you. Yours faithfully, Tenzin Norbu